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Why Wear Them

If you are concerned about hygiene, toe and nonskid socks provide a great solution for mat exercises, such as yoga and Pilates, that are normally done barefoot.

Look for socks that have a nonslip sole. Ideally they should be made at least in part from organic cotton for extra breathability.

There are many different kinds of socks for yoga and Pilates. Some are regular socks that simply have a nonskid bottom. Others cover the foot but leave cut outs for the toes. Yet others are like "foot mittens" that are shaped just like like your foot with a separate space for each of your toes.

Where to Buy

Acacia - offers open yoga socks for easy gripping during postures. Made of bamboo.

Footsmart - Improve your performance with these toe socks that are perfect for yoga or pilates classes. Made of natural cotton and spandex. Machine washable.

For all of you knitters out there, this blog has instructions on how to make your own yoga or Pilates toe socks.

Toe Sox - Nonslip, performance sock created for Pilates and yoga that provides the toe-wiggling freedom of movement. Seamless, form fitting socks with room for each toe. Order from

Colors Available:

  • Black

Sizes Available:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large


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Tip: Yoga is traditionally performed with bare feet. Many teachers insist that students not wear shoes or socks to achieve proper balance and placement. However, if you have a health issues with your feet or wish to wear shoes or socks for hygiene reasons, talk to your instructor before class to see if it is okay.



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