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Bare Feet or Footware?

Should you wear shoes during your yoga practice? Some teachers insist on bare feet during class to make sure you are practicing yoga the traditional way and also to aid you in gripping the floor and keeping your balance during the postures. Other teachers may allow shoes for hygiene reasons as long as they are flexible like the slides from Gaiam shown below. When in doubt, ask your teacher before class. Of course, at home you are in charge of your own practice and you can wear whatever feels most comfortable.


yoga slides from Gaiam

    J-41 Yoga Slide

    Order from Gaiam
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    Vegan, corduroy upper; Jeep® memory foam insole. Rubber sole includes recycled rubber. Velcro® closure.

Colors Available:

  • Navy / Sky
  • Red / Black

Sizes Available: 6 - 11. Some half sizes.



sandals with toe separaters

Yoga Sandals

Order from Gaiam
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In black. Designed to separate your toes for improved flexibility and alignment.

Sizes: Women's sizes M (6-7.5), L (8-9.5), XL (10-11.5).

Contact Information for Gaiam -

Gaiam, Inc.
833 W South Boulder Rd.
PO Box 3095 Boulder, CO 80307-3095

Phone Number: Toll-free: 1-877-989-6321

Canadian customers: 1-800-254-8464.

Phone Hours: (Weekdays 7a.m. - 7p.m. Mountain Standard Time)


bare feet

Tips - Yoga Poses for Your Feet

According to Jean Couch, author of The Runner's Yoga Book, virasana (hero pose) "balances the feet. It also relieves fatigue in the legs and is therapeutic for the hips, knees, and feet." 1

For fallen arches or flat feet, Mukunda Stiles, writing in Structural Yoga Therapy, recommends the following postures2 :

  • Tadasana / Mountain (balance on toes)
  • Virasana / Hero
  • Darnikasana / Fetal

References -

1 Couch, Jean. The Runner's Yoga Book. Berkeley: Rodmell P, 1979. p. 58.

2. Stiles, Mukunda. Structural Yoga Therapy. Boston: Red Wheel / Weiser, LLC, 2000. p. 266.





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