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Clothing to Wear to Yoga Class

tank top and  capri pants for yoga

There isn't any set outfit to wear for yoga, however you will find that some types of clothing are better suited for performing asanas than others. The following list contains some considerations in picking the appropriate apparel.

1. Clothing should be comfortable and allow for free range of motion. Instead of tight jeans consider leggings, shorts or yoga pants like the woman pictured above is wearing. Clothes that are too tight may impede your circulation and your body's energy flow.

2. Traditionally yoga is performed in bare feet. For hygiene reasons some people prefer to wear special yoga socks or shoes, especially those who may not be using their own mats. Some teachers may not allow students to wear shoes or socks to class, so if this is an important point with you be sure to discuss it with your teacher before class begins.

3. If you are heading off to a yoga class outside your own home, you may want to do a "test run" with your chosen outfit before the class. In front of a full length mirror, do a few poses that turn, twist and invert your body. See if your clothing allows for freedom of movement. Your clothes should not be too flowing or baggy, so they don't get in your way when performing your poses. However they do need to be form fitted enough so that your instructor can make out your body alignment underneath your clothes to give you proper feedback. Many people prefer to wear one piece unitards for yoga, as they hug the body yet allow for full freedom of movement.

4. Remove any dangly jewelry and pin up long hair.

5. Take out any daily wear contacts so you can close your eyes for the resting poses.

6. In keeping with the spirit of yoga, you may wish to wear organic and/or natural fabric apparel. Natural fabrics let the body breathe easier and do not release low grade toxic fumes that can be inhaled and absorbed by the skin.

7. In class room settings it is best to avoid strongly scented perfume or after shave as a courtesy to those who are chemically sensitive.




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